How Much RAM Does Your Computer Need?

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How Much RAM Do You Really Need?

How Much RAM Do You Really Need?

You can never have enough memory and the same holds true for your computer. The more you have, the better it is for your computer. However, there are certain applications on your computer which does not need enough memory and there are some applications which require quite a high memory. It all depends on what you are doing on your computer. While trying to understand how much RAM would be required on your computer, here are few key points which might help you.

How to identify if you need more RAM on your computer

If your computer has been responding relatively slowly off late, then one of the possible solutions could be adding more RAM to your computer. As a normal case, most of the PCs and laptop these days come up with atleast 1 GB or RAM. However, if you are using an old computer, you should identify how much RAM is required on your computer keeping in mind the version of OS you are using, the kind of applications being used on your computer and the overall performance of the computer. Most of the OS and applications themselves suggest how much minimum RAM is required for them. To know more about them, you can search on internet specifically.

To help you understand better, here are few commonly used RAM with the kind of applications/work that you can do on your computer.


You Feel Like You Can Never Have Enough Memory

You Feel Like You Can Never Have Enough Memory

1 GB RAM is absolutely a basic minimum need for almost any application these days. It is sufficient for basic operations like web browsing, emails, some word processing and light image editing. You can try even gaming on this RAM, but if your computer is already filled with many applications, it could be a little painful for you. You can certainly not do heavy work like video editing on this much RAM.


With a 2 GB RAM, you should be conveniently able to do gaming, image and video editing, running suites like Microsoft office and having a dozen browser tabs open at the same time. 2 GB RAM is surely a decent amount of memory your PC would need to do lot of personal things. However, if you still find your PC running slower, be prepared to add more memory to it.

3 to 8 GB RAM

Make Your Computer Run Faster With More RAM Memory

Make Your Computer Run Faster With More RAM Memory

If your system is running on 64-bit operating system, then 3-4 GB of RAM will do the same work as a 32 – bit operating system running of 6-8 GB RAM. The amount of memory to be used will surely depend on the version of your operating system. However, if you have this much amount of memory, then, you are surely into hard core performance territory. You can build a gaming PC, do fast video editing and almost every application you can think of as a home user.

16 GB and more

To use this much amount of RAM on your computer, you would need a 64 – bit operating system. This much amount of RAM will bring you deep in the realm of heavy lifting. A work-station having this much amount of RAM can do anything possible for you. You would need this much amount of RAM only when you are a professional and are running lots and lots of heaving applications on your work station.

The amount of memory required on your computer is directly proportional to the kind of work you want to perform on your PC. You would have to figure out in the beginning whether you want to use the PC for simple home usage or to use it as a professional work – station.

Long Distance Relationships Don’t Work; You Have To Make Them Work

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Secrets To Make A Long Distance Relationships Work

The Secrets To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Falling in love is easy but staying in love could be very difficult. Even when the people are together and get to meet each other every day, the love between the two can still diminish. But whether the love stays or withers away depends a great deal on the reasons why you entered the relationship. If you started the relationship to fulfill your sexual or emotional desires only because your life had a void, you may not be able to sustain it. There shouldn’t be any reason behind falling in love. Therefore, if you have fallen in love just because there is love and no other reason, even if you are in a long distance relationship, you will be able to make it work. However, such relationships are difficult to find.

Does Long-Distance Relationship Really Work?

It is perhaps a very difficult question to answer. There is no one way to answer this question. Long distance relationship may have worked for many but at the same time many have not been able to sustain it as well. Therefore, the answer cannot be given in a simple yes or no. If you want it to work, it will work. You will want it to work only when there is true love. Many people want to continue with a relationship because they feel it is the right thing to do. Even when the love has diminished people hold on to the relationships because they think leaving the other person is immoral. However there is nothing immoral if there is no love remaining. Love has to be something natural. Here are some tips on keeping your long distance relationship going.

It Takes Some Effort To Maintain The Relationship

Work On It To Make It Work

Work On It To Make It Work

Just as the long distance calls could be more expensive, maintaining a long distance relationship could be more demanding. You cannot keep the relationship going without putting in the extra bit of efforts. You know that it is impossible to meet your partner daily. In fact sometimes the meetings are not even occasional, they are indeed rare. This is the reason why you need to make extra efforts to make sure that you don’t miss yourself so much that you stop missing each other. Make sure that you are in touch everyday either through phone calls, text messages, or video calls.

No Matter How Far You Are, Try And Meet Whenever You Can

Being in a Long Distance Relationship Isn't Easy

Being in a Long Distance Relationship Isn’t Easy

Of course you will not be able to meet your long distance partner frequently. However, you should never miss the opportunity to meet them whenever you can. For instance, you can take a leave on Friday or Monday and make a particular weekend an extended weekend so that you can meet your partner. If you are planning a vacation, both of you can plan it together. In fact, planning the vacation together is a great idea because when you will be with your partner for a while, you will get to know them better.

To conclude, long distance relationship does not work on its own, you have to make it work. If you are really in love, you don’t need any tips on keeping it going. You will find a way yourself because true love requires no reasoning and methods.

What Underperforming Stocks Are Right To Invest In?

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NASDAQ - Most Active  Underperforming Stocks

NASDAQ – Most Active Underperforming Stocks

The world of underperforming stocks is worth spotting because these stocks are ones that are struggling. Whether or not you should invest in them is your call but you should be aware of them. You might be amazed at the variety of stocks that you can choose from.

Plug In With Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT)

Although it’s a prominent and noteworthy company, Microsoft has dealt with some underperforming numbers. The stock has consistently stayed in the $30 range for the last five years and even lost value in the last two.

It’s believed that a part of this might have to do with Microsoft and Yahoo’s partnership with one another. Although the two companies have created a strong partnership in recent time, there are some issues over how the partnership has failed to actually take much of Google’s share out of the search engine industry.

Stay Wired With Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO)

Cisco Trades On The Nasdaq Market

Cisco Trades On The Nasdaq Market

Cisco is another company that has underperformed in spite of being in a high-end industry. While Cisco’s revenues have increased in the last five years, Cisco’s stock has not been able to reach past the $30 mark in the last few years. This is not to say that this will not happen but it may end up being a relative challenge as Cisco’s revenues declined by more than 15% in the first quarter. MF Global’s Per Lindberg still cut the target value of the shares from $19 to $15.

Infosys (NYSE: INFY) May Be a Good Choice

Infosys has experienced some peaks and valleys throughout the years with some drop-offs that don’t take long to occur. However, the stock has a discount of about twenty percent versus its five-year average. Also, the stock has a higher value over price earnings and has become an interesting option among some investors.

Bite Into Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) Stock

Apple Nasdaq

Apple Nasdaq

While Apple stock might be relatively expensive for some, what with it being close to $500 in value, it still has varying target estimates that expect it to be close to the $600 range in a year. In addition, Apple is coming off of a -25% decline in its stock value from the last year, thus showing that there is a potential for the stock to move back up into a more prominent position. The greatest threat that comes with Apple‘s future performance comes from how the stock has practically ballooned to a value that only the wealthiest investors could afford to buy into.


Mylan is a manufacturer of generic drugs that should be improving in today’s market where generics are popular only has a 1.63 EPS rating. However, an extremely minimal number of shares in this company are currently being held by insiders, thus making it a little easier for this stock to be more interesting when it comes to an investment.

This lack of performance is noteworthy in spite of the stock having a profit margin of almost 10%. The operating cash flow is also listed at a little over $1 billion.

You’ve got to try finding the right stocks if you want to get anywhere these days. These stock options are all great choices that may be worthwhile for your overall goals.

Generate Leads Through Content Marketing

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 Creating a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Creating a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Let’s put things in perspective first: a content marketing strategy isn’t about filling up your web pages with text about random topics. It isn’t about making sure that you have something in these spaces to make your website appear alive. It’s also not about writing anything that pleases you. Content marketing strategy nowadays is a practice that involves preparing, enhancing, and sustaining relevant content on your site for specific purposes. These purposes might be to build an audience, to increase your followers, to invite advertisers, or to generate leads. What then is expected from you as an Internet Marketer when it comes to generating content that result in potential sales?

Content preparation

Without understanding your business goals, you can’t start planning for your content. Without understanding what your audience needs, you can’t start thinking about your topics. And without thinking about inspiring and relevant content, you can’t pull an audience towards your website.

Content enhancement

If you are having inspiring and relevant content, you need to make your content shareable. To make it shareable, it has to answer a certain call. Gone are the days when content is all about featuring products and services. Nowadays, relevant content are those that satisfy a human need. Because you know who your target audience is, you know what they might need, and why you’re in a position to answer such need.

Use Multimedia for Business Marketing

Use Multimedia for Business Marketing

Still related to content shareability, relevant content will more likely prompt your visitors to spread the word through social networking sites, blogs, and to other websites. This is where link building comes in. There are people who write content that need referencing. Referencing is a sign of authority and accuracy of information. If a claim is made, it has to be supported by a reputable source. If audiences perceive you as an authority in your business niche, they’re more likely to link to you.

Finally, when it comes to enhancing content, consider going for multimedia platforms. You have options like videos, photos, text, and animations. If you can’t choose all of these publishing platforms, identify the best medium with respect to your content. For example, a user guide might be more effective if presented through a video demonstration. Also, don’t forget the value of numbers. Infographics are common place now. If you want to showcase your revenues per product, create an infographic. Trust that numbers will entice more potential customers.

Content sustainability

Don’t make your content fade with time. Unlike books, online content can be updated real-time if there are changes. We call this evergreen content. Tell your audience that an update has been made and point them to it. Don’t put a date on your articles because your visitors will seek for recent information. If the information you’re offering is valuable, then why not make it perpetual?

In addition, you also have to create a content calendar based on the activity on your site. You have Google Adwords to obtain that information. If you see that more visitors decide to make a purchase on Black Friday, you’d want to create content that entices people come back to your site on a specific date or dates for a Black Friday-related promotion, for example.

Tie Realistic Goals to Your Mission And Keep Them Going

Tie Realistic Goals to Your Mission And Keep Them Going

Finally, do not leave your content unattended. Interact with your visitors as though they were in your store. Respond to their questions, acknowledge their comments, and appreciate their gratitude. After all, business involves building not only a network of suppliers and professional connections, but also a huge of loyal customers.

What’s the point of doing all of the above? The answer is increasing the probability of conversion. As your leads increase, your chance of turning a visitor to a customer increases. So think wide, think creatively and think content.

Get Bigger Breasts Without Surgery

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Tips To Increase Breast Size Naturally

Tips To Increase Breast Size Naturally

A lot of women desire to have big and attractive bosoms. It does not only improve the way they look, but also increases their level of confidence. Many people believe that enlarging the breasts is only possible with surgery. This is not true. There are ways to have bigger breasts without going under the knife. Here are some ways to enlarge your breasts.

  • 1 – Wear Wonder Bra

You can find lots of bras on the market that have inserts and make your breasts appear bigger. Check as many bras as you can and find one that fits you best. Make sure that it is comfortable to wear. You want your breasts to look natural unless you want to be a porn star and have insanely huge bosoms.

  • 2 – Move That Body And Exercise

 Make Small Breasts Look Bigger

Make Small Breasts Look Bigger

Exercise can do wonders to the body especially when done on a regular basis. If you want to have bigger breasts, you can do a couple of routines such as pressing your palms against each other. If you want better outcomes, go for push-ups as it strengthens the muscles. You can start slow and add a couple of push-ups every day. After two weeks, you will see results. It may require persistence, but it does pay off.

  • 3. Drink Milk And Papaya Juice

There are studies that have shown how mixing milk and papaya juice can increase breast size. These two ingredients have vitamins that can increase you breast size. You have to deal it every day. It is not only good for your breast, but also for your overall health. Your taste buds will enjoy it too.

  • 4 – Apply Bronzer

Increasing your cup size can be done by applying lotion to the cleavage then adding bronzer. Go for a bronzer that is two shades darker than the color of your skin. Once your bra is in place, make use of glittery powder. Make sure not to put on too much bronzer as it can do the opposite.

The Right Diet Will Make Your Boobs Look Bigger

The Right Diet Will Make Your Boobs Look Bigger

  • 5 – Give Natural Creams A Try

There are natural creams made particularly for the cleavage. Your cup size may not change, but it can definitely make your breasts stronger. It also keeps the skin soft. You want products that have vitamins A, C, and E.

  • 6 – Gain Weight!

Your breasts are mainly made of fatty connective tissue. If you are thin, you can put on a few pounds to fill your breasts. However, you should remember that not all women will gain weight in the chest. You should only follow this method if you gain weight in the chest and not in other parts of the body like the abdomen or thigh.

A lot of women think that having big breasts is what they need to be happy, which is completely false. Happiness is achieved by loving what you have. Nevertheless, if you are not satisfied, go for these methods. This way, you do not have to spend money on surgery and deal with its risks. Boosting your confidence does not require big breasts or costly boob jobs. It just takes a little effort and a lot of hope. Good luck!